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A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve your order. Should you cancel the order after we receive the deposit, Rhode Rental Rentals will retain the deposit.

Final payment must be made by credit card or cash brought to the showroom. No COD’s in cash will be accepted.

Your balance is due in full when you pick up your order. If your order is being delivered, balance is due prior to delivery Credit cards work best for final payment because you are only charged for equipment delivered.

In addition to rental costs, a security deposit (based upon the size of the order) is required on all Rhode Island Rentals transactions, paid in cash or by major credit card.

We understand that your needs may change between order and delivery, and that the number of items you need may vary accordingly. Please allow 48 hours for us to comply with minor changes and no less than a week for major changes.

Rhode Island Rentals’ damage waiver charge is equivalent to 10% of the rental cost (excluding tents). It covers any accidental merchandise damage and broken items (if pieces are returned). The damage waiver does not cover missing items or incidents of gross negligence. The Rhode Island Rentals damage waiver is not refundable and must be accepted or declined prior to delivery or at time or pick-up.

Responsibilities for Pick-Up and Missing Items
Rhode Island Rentals’ policies are much like those governing the rental of everything from a car to a video. Simply put, it is the renter’s responsibility to return all items in a timely fashion and in good condition. Please call our Showrooms at 738-9731 for exact terms and additional information.