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Event Planning Checklist

From grand "galas" to romantic wedding receptions and small private parties, you can depend on our accomplished staff of professional Event Planners to design, plan and coordinate a truly pleasurable event for you.

As you’ve already discovered, planning the perfect wedding reception requires serious attention to detail. Working with Rhode Island Rentals means that you’re leaving nothing to chance. Since we offer a virtually endless list of rental items - most of them absolutely necessary, and others just plain fun - there’s nothing we can’t help you with. Just check the following list and relax.

• Tables • Generators • Risers (for the band) • Chairs • Heaters • Extension cords
• China • Stoves • Surface lighting • Flatware • Wedding arches • Exit- signs
• Stemware • Dance floors • Linens • Custom design • And more  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. First things first. What size tent do I need?
That’s an easy one. Just tell us the type of reception you’re planning (for example, buffet or sit-down dinner) and how many people you’re expecting. Our friendly wedding consultants will do the math. Keep in mind that Rhode Island Rentals allows more room per person than just about anyone else in the area. That way, every guest is comfortable, and adding a banquet table at the last minute won’t require renting a bigger, more expensive tent.

Q. Can you help me find a caterer?
Absolutely. Although many brides already have chosen their caterer before they first walk through our door, many others haven’t. At Rhode Island Rentals, we’re fortunate enough to work with several of the region’s best caterers, a veritable “Who’s Who in Catering” list that we’d be happy to share with you. In fact, we can put you in touch with anyone you need (florists, limousine services, etc.) to make your day special.

Q. What do I need to know about lighting?
Not much at all. Just let us know if your wedding is a daytime or evening event, and we’ll see to it that it’s properly illuminated.

Q. How can you help me get the most for my entertainment dollar?
By literally lifting your band off the floor. Rhode Island Rentals offers a riser that elevates your band slightly above the dance floor. You’ll be amazed how much a mere sixteen-inch elevation can mean to the overall acoustics, not to mention eliminating the possibility of dancers banging into microphones.

Q. What kinds of things can I rent from Rhode Island Rentals?
You name it. From tables and chairs to china and linens, Rhode Island Rentals has everything you’re looking for. (See our Equipment Rental Checklist.)

Q. I’m renting a hall. How can you help?
We can take care of tables, chairs, linens, flatware, china, and stemware. We deliver and pick up. All you have to do is check first with your facility to make sure it’s OK

Q. How do I know that everything is going to fit, inside or out?
On the computer, your friendly RIR consultant can provide you with a computer-generated view of your reception, ensuring that everything - and everyone - fits comfortably. Outside, pre-event site measurement is available.

Q. How do I know if all this is in my budget?
At Rhode Island Rentals, we’re specialists at helping you envision your reception, minimizing your stress, and working within your budget. Just tell us what you have in mind.

Sample Tent Layout

Rhode Island Rentals offers a wide variety of tents and tent styles. The following represent just a few of our more popular examples.

For the reception you want, you need a rental company that’s flexible. Rhode Island Rentals offers you several common tent sizes from which to choose. Take a look at the following layouts. Decide which one you think might work best for you, and mention it to your friendly Rhode Island Rentals Consultant.

Tent Tent
Tent Tent